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Yusaku's Big Meat Therapy

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Edgy badboy Yusaku is playing therapist to sore and exhausted Sano. Asking where it hurts and feeling Sano's tight muscles, Yusaku manages to rub his hard cock along Sano's ass crack. He grabs Sano by the hand and nibbles his ear as he drills his prick against Sano's hole. As Sano turns over, Yusaku licks his nipple and rubs his crotch into his buddy's lean body. He slowly moves down Sano till his cock is in Yusaku's mouth. His stubbly chin nuzzles Sano's hairy nutsack and he swallows down the whole thickening prick.

Sano tilts back his legs and exposes his hairy ass, and Yusaku buries his face in, lapping from hole to balls. He climbs up to straddle Sano's chest, offering his own big pierced stiffy for Sano to taste. He grabs his friend by the back of the neck and slowly plows his cock down Sano's hungry throat. He sits further back for access to ease a finger into Sano's hot hole.

Sano lies almost motionless, just enjoying Yusaku's physical "therapy". The hot alt boy positions his cock at Sano's pucker and lets it slide in. He holds it fully inside for a moment, nibbling Sanos nip. His hips start to pump slowly, filling Sano with big juicy cock. He rolls onto his back and lets Sano grind his hole onto Yusaku's woody. The lean rippling muscles of Yusaku's torso tense up as he plows into Sano. They sit up and wrap their arms around each other, sharing a deep kiss.

Yusaku pulls out just as Sano whips up a sticky load that coats his belly. Then it's his turn to cum and the horny badboy starts furiously gliding the foreskin over his long straight cock. He geysers up a half dozen big spurts that spray his body and the crisp white sheets.