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Misaki Makes a Big Splash

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21-year old Misaki is on spring break, taking some time to try out as a Japanboyz model. He's got a little bit of the jitters thinking about the members getting off on this introduction, but is hot and ready to dig in and get stroking.

Clad in a pair of silky black briefs, Misaki pats and fondles his crotch. He dives his hand in under his waistband and wiggles his cock while he rubs a thumb over his sensitive nip. It's time to peel off those undies, and he has a nice firm woody framed by dark straight pubes. He circles a finger around the head of his cock and jerks just hard enough to get his nuts bobbing.

Misaki rolls onto hands and knees, and gingerly runs a finger back and forth across his dark puckered hole. he presses just a bit into the hole, moaning with pleasure. Slicking things with a squirt of lube, he makes little circles around his butt and hairy crack. Standing to stroke for real, he closes his eyes dreamily and gets a loose gentle grip around his stiff prick. He loves it slippery and wet, so another palm full of lube gets things sliding across his hand.

Misaki lies down to speed toward the finish line. His hand grips a little harder and his breath gets shallow. His nuts pull up tight, and he shoots a pent-up load that sprays all the way to his chest. "That's a big load," notes the cameraman, and Misaki smiles and heads to the shower with a wave to all of us.