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Kazuki's Welcome Back Fuck

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Popular Japanboyz star Kazuki has come back after three years, and boy is he horny! Fuji, his lucky partner, has been away for just three weeks. When they take to the bed, Kazuki is kissing and nibbling at Fuji's nipples for just a warmup, reaching down to fondle the hard dick inside his teal blue briefs. He peels them down to kiss and lick Fuji's dickhead and take the whole cock into his mouth. Fuji pumps his hips to propel his dick further up into Kazuki's welcoming mouth.

Fuji returns the nipple suck/dick-groping combo, then pulls down Kazuki's white underpants. His heavy bronze cock is already stiff and ripe for the sucking, and Fuji gets his mouth all the way down to the nuts. With his deft, jutting tongue, Kazuki laps at Fuji's ass, looks up at the dazed, dreamy expression on Fuji's face. Fuji takes the lead in grabbing the lube and getting ready for a hard fuck as Kazuki rolls on a condom and fingers the tight hole in front of him. Fuji arches his back and spreads his legs to open up for his horny buddy.

Fuji is moaning and jerking his prick from the first thrust, loves it when Kazuki pulls him up onto his knees so both are kneeling. Kazuki grabs hold of his shoulders as he slams on in. As they drop to lying on the bed, Kazuki's hairy cheeks bob enticingly as he plows into the smooth young stud. Kazuki shifts to a sitting position and Fuji's cock is so hard it's pointing at the heavens as he rides his buddy's throbbing pole. Fuji moans with pleasure and needs to get some release.

Kazuki kneels atop Fuji and drills deep into him as Fuji's beating gets faster . Cum spurts out in long thick strings across his lean belly, and Kazuki luxuriates his fingers in the creamy splatters. He beats off his own dick, and as their tight balls touch he sprays a sticky wad that coats Fuji's dick with a hot juicy sheen.