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Ayumu's Welcome Back Fuck

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Another week, another hot homecoming, this time for veteran Japanboyz favorite Ayumu. His welcome parade is led by sweet and sexy Hideaki, who already is working on slurping down Ayumu's big piece. Ayumu returns the favor by bending Hideaki back, twiddling his nips and getting a quick taste of cock. They intertwine bodies and smooch, then Hideaki goes back to sucking cock with his sweet little hairy ass crack wagging behind him.

Ayumu must like what he sees because he can't keep his mouth away from that tasty butt. After running a horny tongue up and down the furry hole he slathers a finger with lube and works it inside. They kneel and Ayumu reaches around to stroke Hideki from behind. Once both guys are heated up and ready to fuck, Ayumu positions himself between Hideaki's legs and eases in. Hideaki stretches his head back dreamily and starts stroking as he feels the length and thickness of Ayumu taking over his insides. He wraps his legs around and just enjoys getting pumped full of dick.

Ayumu rocks back till he's lying with Hideaki riding his cock. The feeling is getting more intense and harder to hold back from exploding, so they speed up and head for the finish line. Both are pumping furiously, Ayumu into Hideaki and his buddy stroking his own cock. Hideaki is first to shoot, squirting a sticky stream. That sets Ayumu into overdrive and he sprays all over the thick bush of Hideaki's downy pubes.