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Fuji's Rock-Hard Shame

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When we see Fuji and Misaki clad in little tight silver and gold swimsuits, Fuji pronounces them "shameful". That doesn't stop him from immediately popping a big hard boner that he can barely keep in his shiny showoff outfit. He and Misaki ditch their gogo boy getups and get right down to business, with Fuji grabbing a mouthful of Misaki that grows longer and stiffer. He turns around and straddles Misaki's face, tempts him into licking his ass. Meanwhile Fuji fills his hungry mouth with his buddy's cock.

Fuji is the pretty one in this duo and it's tough to take your eyes off this sweet boy with his insatiable appetite for sex. His own ass licked and spit-lubed, he returns the favor and dives in for a taste of Misaki's hairy ass. They kiss and share the musky taste of manbutt, then Fuji lubes up to offer Misaki his ass.

Misaki lies back and rolls on a condom as Fuji guides him into his tight pretty hole. After a fuck tryout, Misaki fingers Fuji and strokes his cock to a creamy completion. Thick ropes of cum stick to Misaki's palm and run down to Fuji's belly and pubes. Time for a quick cleanup shower to wash off these two horny boys and their sticky layer of "shame".