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Yusaku Blasts Natsu's Booty

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At last, bad-boy Yusaku gets paired up with an alt-boy that is a perfect match for his tatted, pierced, shaggy swagger! Natsu is a college boy just back from spring break, with long shaggy bangs and a slightly grown out butterscotch-colored bleach job. It will be cool to see what these trendies get up to when they hit the sheets!

Natsu is in the habit of telling his school buddies he's straight, but in truth he hasn't figured it out. Yusaku is a good match to help him decide, immediately goes in to suck on his nips and wrap his arms around tight. Yusaku's sweet nibbling kisses are pretty irresistible, and he's gentle in pulling off Natsu's little gold gogo briefs. The smooth loverboy treatment must work on Natsu, who is already hard when Yusaku caresses his chest and deftly sucks his cock. He works his way down and takes a mouthful of nuts, then gently licks down from the balls to Natsu's sensitive butt.

Has Natsu been eaten out before like this? He's in heaven with the lovey-dovey treatment he's getting. Finally gentlemanly Yusaku drops his own silver briefs, showing off his silvery PA piercing and intriguing Natsu. Attention caught by a new shiny object, Natsu is quick to dive in and slurp down Yusaku's thick manly prick. When he backs off he's drooling and breathless.

Yusaku lays the young guy back and slicks a probing finger up Natsu's ass. Natsu's body quivers and throbs with excitement as he feels his insides getting tickled by the older boy. Yusaku is careful and slow getting his dick inside, and Natsu wraps his legs around as his ass opens up to the smooth rubbered cock. Yusaku's nuts are tight and heavy, filled with a hefty load for the young stud. He twiddles both Natsu's nips as the trendy blond strokes his cock and rides. Just a stroke or two and he sprays out his juicy wad onto Yusaku, who then lies back into his arms and beats his thick pierced meat. A hot creamy geyser wells up, drips off Yusaku's nuts and onto the sheets. Natsu looks on in smiling admiration.